Car HID, LED & Fog Lights

Car HID / LED and Fog Lights

We offer a large inventory of HID/LED and fog lights for your vehicle in our Queens and Brooklyn car accessories and installation shops. With a collection of the top name brands for less, there is no reason to go anywhere else for your car lights. Our specialists can also install your lights while you wait.

What's the difference between HID, LED and Halogen lights?

High intensity discharge (HID) lights can help light your way more efficiently than halogen lights. The ballast carefully regulates the voltage supplied to the capsule of gas which produces light greater than the standard halogen bulb while consuming less power.

Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) are light sources utilizing diodes that emit light when connected in a circut. LED’s create light through the re-combination of electrons positively and negatively charged electrons. LED lights are efficient and extremely resilient over long periods of time.

Halogen lights are the most commonly used lights for vehicles, but this changing because they are quite fragile. For instance a small amount of oil from your hands while changing halogen bulbs can affect performance of the lights. They also create a large amount of heat.

We carry all types of lighting for cars including HID, LED, Halogen and Xenon lights. Our specialists can help you pick the best lights for your car and purpose. For instance if you do a lot of night driving then you may want to consider using Xenon lights because the blue-white light emitted is very bright and can light the road ahead for a decent distance, although they have been known to “blind” other drivers.